Boswin Hainan

Hainan Boswin technology is dedicated for providing outstanding and results. We hold our clients in high esteem and take time to know them and their needs because they are our valued assets. Our communication is crystal clear and strive to provide innovative practical solutions.
Our Company is founded by Mr. Prasad Vidanalage on 7th 2019 and so far have helped over 500+ .clients. Being Highly Professional Consultants and provide Multidisciplinary services in Formulating companies, Business Incorporation, Human Resource and Payment Management System   

Our Mission

Provision of latest technological and integral solutions to customers to make their needs satisfactorily fulfilled. The team players of the company to dedicate their energy, knowledge, skills, capacity, time, performance and commitment to the highest quality of the customer service. The local & global customer satisfaction is our main focus to reach through innovative and effective services will lead our service to transform the staff and offer rapid customer care.

Our Vision

Envisage and enhance ambitious business plans and investment opportunities to beyond the horizon and the orbit for better tomorrow and venture Fintech, Medical, Technology, Agriculture, Education, Manufacturing, Exports, Trading for the upliftment of humanity & anthropomorphism


Our company has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. This allows us to provide top-quality services to our clients.. We are highly flexible and are able to adapt and change with the needs of our clients, ensuring that we are always able to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We have built a strong reputation in our industry and have a long list of satisfied clients who have experienced the high level of service that we provide.

Our Key Team Members

Our Global Leaders in the different sectors

Prasad Vidanalage

Chairman of Boswin China, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka

Alireza Hasanlouee

President of Canada,Italy,Turkey and Middle East

Saeed Rezaeian

Vice Chairman of global Boswin

Zhao Xinhong
Vice President - Health and Medical (China)
Kevin Mo

Chairman and President of UK and Monaco

Dr. Paymon Omidi

CMO - Boswin Group

Dr. Hasitha Warusawitharana
Vice President (Legal)
Zhang Yi
Vice President Cultural Relationship

Why us?

Our team is happy to share their expertise on the currently profitable marketing strategies.

Highly skilled and experienced professionals

Wide range of services

Customer satisfaction and is dedicated to helping.

Highly flexible and able to adapt to the changing needs

Global Presence

Boswin Pvt Ltd is a leading international conglomerate with a strong global presence spanning across Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and China. Our extensive network of companies in these countries allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments, and provides us with a diverse range of expertise and resources. Our main branch in China, "Hainan Boswin", will benefit from this global network as we will be able to provide our customers with a range of services that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. As a result, our customers will be able to conduct their business more efficiently and effectively. Our broad global network also allows us to provide our customers with access to a wide range of products and services, and to offer them the most competitive prices and best quality

How We Work

Our company will help you get beyond the ordinary and realize all your fantasies into reality.

consultation process to understand the needs and goals of our clients.

Plan and organize each project to ensure that it is completed efficiently and effectively.

Our team of skilled professionals work closely throughout the project to ensure your needs are being met

Upon completion of a project, we follow up to ensure you are satisfied with the results and to address any issues that may have arisen

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